Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hey, everyone! I will be making an appearance at the Books Alive Festival at the Maury County Public Library in Columbia, TN on Saturday, October 22 from 1-4pm. There will be a few other authors making appearances as well as activities, contests and booths. Mr. History, a good friend of mine, will be there as well. it's going to be a great event! It's geared toward teens, but all are welcome.

For my part, there will be readings, and I will have copies of Empeddigo and the newly-released The Trials of Hallac for sale, as well as order forms in the event that I run out of copies. Autographs, talks, and more! Come and enjoy yourselves at the Books Alive Festival!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Play Around Me

Others play around me
But I sit alone
It's not that I don't want to
Or I can't, or I won't
But I have nothing to play

Near to the fence
Thought my companion
If there's more to be had, I want it
Or I need it, or I wish it

There is someone there
On the horizon
Unclear to my eyes, a shadow?
Or a phantom, or a ghost?

The vision approaches
Can I play?
Someone to save me, a friend
Who can save me? Unneeded.
Because now I have something to play

The Krakenobo

Come here, everybody. It’s time you should know
‘Bout a creature that I call the Krakenobo.
With the bod of a bird and the head of a snake
She destroyed almost everything that man could make.
She terrorized lands: East, West, North, and South
Chewing everything up with her huge, gaping mouth.
She set fire to towns: New York, London, Berlin.
Watching them burn, she then sat with a grin.
“This thing must be stopped!” said the mighty King Lee.
He chose someone to kill it; that someone was me.
I set out that day with my sword in my hand
To get rid of the monster and rescue the land.
I traveled by day and so searched for her nest
Stopping every once in a while to rest.
As I rested one day, I happened upon
A sort of a cave; it was just before dawn.
I looked inside and to my surprise
Looking right back were eight pairs of eyes.
“Baby Krakenoboes!” I shouted in fright
And I sank to the ground to consider my plight.
As I sat there, a brave one flew right at me.
I swung with my sword and so chopped off its knee.
When the others saw what happened to their sibling, they fled.
I caught up to each one and then chopped off its head.
I then ran away; I was too scared to stay.
But I knew I would meet the mother someday.
For seventeen years, the monster took leave
No doubt, over her children to grieve.
Then she came back, stronger than before
To wreak havoc on our planet once more.
By that time I was withered and old,
But my young son Dalton was ready and bold.
He left our house to finish my quest.
The townspeople yelled, “Surely you jest!”
“This is no joke!” my son Dalton cried.
“I’ll return with Krakenobo’s hide!”
He left that day, his sword to deploy,
And I hoped once again to see my boy.
For three years more I still had not learned
Whether or not he should have returned.
I had to see my son; I wanted to go,
But my wife stopped me and firmly said, “No!
He’ll come back when he’s ready and good.
Now go out and chop me some fresh firewood!”
I went to the forest and readied my axe
And chopped down a tree in twelve solid whacks.
I almost said, “Timber!” But someone else did.
And I turned to see a figure with his face hid.
It was then that I saw my sword at his side
And over his arm was Krakenobo’s hide.
Dalton pushed back his hood, took out a comb,
And said, “I just want you to know that I’m home.”

Monday, September 12, 2011

Practical Physicality

Among everything, as it exists
Was, is, and will be
A stiff breeze erodes mountains
Where cannot the sea

The moisture in trees sets aflame
Soil gives birth to a stone
A blazing leaf wafts
The storm goes where unknown

Truth in physical form
Purity of existence untainted
Wildfire two thousand ways unbridled
A droplet in clouds unlimited colors painted

Unnumbered variety, beautiful and fierce
Quartz wind blows, striking bare clay
Steam falls from a liquid flame
The gentle hurricane keeps the earthquake at bay

As it should remain
Untouched, without flaw
What is natural
Holds all else in awe

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pretty Blue Water

Pretty blue water
I stare at the pretty blue water
My gaze shifts to the cream-colored floor
It is cold and wet
There are puddles of pretty blue water
I sit there, staring at the pretty blue water
In the back of my mind, there is a little voice
Drink it!
Drink the pretty blue water
I drink
It tastes nice
The brown-haired boy walks past
“Get out of the bathroom, you stupid dog!”
I run and slip on the pretty blue water