Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to the Blogject

I would like to take a minute (and a post) to welcome all my readers to 2010: The Year of the Blogject. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the project, here's a breakdown.

In Fall 2009, I had the idea: to find out what my friends and other readers want to read about, and to take their ideas and make a coherent whole, using as many of their ideas as possible, and to write a novel, posting it chapter-by-chapter here, free for anyone to read and comment on. The ideas I received were outstanding and of great variety, and I was actually able to use most of them. As thanks, each one of the contributors will have one character named (loosely) after them in the novel, as well as mention here. Here they are, and what they contributed:

Dawn H.- character background
Cheyenne F.- character and place names and descriptions
BJ D.- place names and descriptions
Erin K.- moral support and character backgrounds
Theo K.- item descriptions and character names
Alex L.- plot ideas
Clara A.- plot ideas
Clara R.- character ideas
Sami F.- plot ideas and character names
Misty B.- character names
Becky S.- character names
Andrew P.- character names
Kirsten S.- character names
Brian B.- character names
Jon K.- place names
Sarah K.- place names and descriptions
Jade A.- character names
Laura P.- title ideas
Travis C.- title ideas
Chuck N.- title ideas
Mary Lee F.- title ideas

Thanks to everyone who participated! You're the ones who made this possible, and this is your story! If this goes well, perhaps I will do another in the future.

Anyway, here's how this is going to go down. Wednesday, Jan. 6, the prologue for this novel (I'm not releasing the title yet) will be posted right here on the blog. Every week, a new chapter will be posted, most likely on a Wednesday. To keep this from taking the entire year (which by the length of my plot outline, it would) I will post two chapters a week now and then, so sometimes there may be a Saturday post.

So to my readers, contributors, and anyone else who happens in on this blog, welcome to the Blogject! Tune in Jan. 6 for the prologue!

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  1. Oh my. I am quite excited about this. I hope it turns out as you planned!

    Let the adventure begin.