Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mere Acquaintances- Chapter Sixteen

Zanthys liked the feeling of his own sword at his hip. He had always felt at his best when on horseback; wearing the blade made him feel all the more noble. It made him hold his chin higher, look down just a bit more on those beneath him. This was right and proper, for him to be set even higher above the common people. Too bad they wouldn’t see him about the city with his sword too much. He was leaving.

The pigeon messages from his scout told him Jaidyn hadn’t gone too far form the city since his departure. In fact, at the rate he’d been going, he was just today going to reach the border of Gaern and Melistrat. Going at a decent clip, Zanthys would catch up to him in a few days. Jaidyn had been slow, meandering aimlessly. He really didn’t have any idea where he was going.

Banjay Advissen didn’t have a clue where Zanthys was really going. He’d told his father this was just going to be a routine jaunt to Necras to visit the court there. It was only proper for him to make such a visit-- it was a common practice for young lordlings of marriageable age. His father had sent a handful of guards with him. And Zanthys had his swords-- his own handsome blade and the false Sonsedhor, concealed in a bundle on his saddle. It would be such a great game to plant the false sword for Jaidyn to find.

He urged his guards to a ground-eating pace. The sooner he caught Jaidyn, the sooner the game would begin.

Dr. Anderson patiently read over a report Becca had left for her.

I tried speaking to Vale about Sunsetter, since he’s the one who mutters about it the most lately. But as I mentioned it, I was only met with laughter and scoffing. He stated one thing clearly, however, something I have listened to over and over on the recording of our conversation. I am certain he said, “It’s not Sunsetter, you peasant!” And then he went on to pronounce it more clearly in a different way: SAWN-said-door. He didn’t go into spelling it, but I have a few ideas how it might be spelled. I will begin research on this immediately.

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