Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You for the Blogject (Mere Acquaintances)

The project known as the Blogject (the serial novel entitled "Mere Acquaintances") was not a solitary effort. The ideas for it were provided by numerous friends of mine, everything from character names to plot elements. It is time for all of these people to receive their thanks. Already, they have each had a character in the Blogject loosely named after them. Here, in no particular order: contributor, contribution(s), and character.

Dawn H.- character background- Don Harson

Cheyenne F.- character and place names and descriptions- Cheyne Firdin

BJ D.- place names and descriptions- Banjay Advissen

Erin K.- moral support and character backgrounds- Rin Ramkan

Theo K.- item descriptions and character names- Hoeth Karzark

Alex L.- plot ideas- Lexan Halech

Clara A.- plot ideas- Ara Fusica

Clara R.- character ideas- Berrot Larac

Sami F. plot ideas and character names- Masithina Crasier

Misty B.- character names- Masty Boroksen

Becky S.- character names- Becca Smitts

Andrew P.- character names- Endren Prake

Kirsten S.- character names- Kristen Censor

Brian B.- character names- Rabian Hartume

Jon K.- place names- Jonal Keffinen

Sarah K.- place names and descriptions- Sara Kenney

Jade A.- character names- Carolyn Anderson

Laura P.- title ideas- Prett Moura

Travis C.- title ideas- Lec Ravits

Chuck N.- title ideas- Needrenghusshuck

Mary Lee F.- title ideas- Maria Ferrera

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