Saturday, April 6, 2013

The New Writing Blog

Okay, I think I've gotten my new plan.

This blog was started as a place for me to post the things I write. Doing it every week got to be too intense, and as you can see, I fell off the wagon for quite some time. It started because I was getting into grad school, and I just couldn't write as much as I wanted.

Well, I'm not finished with grad school. In fact, I only got about halfway done before I ran out of my tuition assistance for the year. I haven't restarted again, because my creative writing has thrust itself to the forefront of my life in the last few months. That's a whole story I might put in a later post, but here's how I plan to attack this blog going forward.

Every month, I will put out two posts. One will be a creative endeavor, be it a short story, poem, or other work. This isn't that different from how the blog was before, except that it will be once a month instead of once a week. And as I said in my last post, I don't plan to have any particular date scheduled for when it'll be up every month. Whenever I get it done, I expect.

The second post every month will be something different. something about my writing process, my inspiration, or some informative post about my journey and experiences as a writer. In the future, I may expand into book reviews. Whether that would count as my second post or would become a third monthly post remains to be seen. I'm pretty inexperienced at doing full-on reviews, but what better way to get experience than to do it. Look for that in the future, too. Also, look for my first non-work post very soon. This week, or maybe later today, if I get it finished.

The last thing you may notice is that I've removed The Trials of Hallac posts from the blog. This is because that epic poem is out in paperback and ebook form, so I can't justify having as much of it on the blog anymore. I left the Invocation up as a teaser, because the invocation of an epic poem does serve in a way as a brief overview of the story, or as a cover-blurb.

All this said, look for more activity here. I plan to be much more active again.

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