Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Review: A Tangled Web by John G Walker


When Tom Statford woke up after the disaster at Christmastime, he hardly knew who he was, and he certainly didn't know what had happened. He had no clue what landed him in a mental institution. There is something tugging at the back of his thoughts, though: certainty that he isn't supposed to be here.

But things are worse than that. The doctor who runs the place has photos of the murders he committed. An insane inmate is determined to beat the crap out of Tom in just a few days' time. There's a woman who keeps showing up in Tom's dreams, never really answering questions, but hinting that she knows what the truth is.

She knows what Tom himself doesn't know.

Who is Tom Statford?

That's my summary. Here's the one I pulled from Amazon

Tom Statford woke up a week ago in a mental institution, told he was raving of gods and monsters. Worse, he was told he was one of those monsters, killing a man in cold blood.
Now, he must discover who he is, what he is, and how to escape before another patient enacts their own form of justice. Nothing is as it seems and the lunatics run the asylum.
Time is running out, and the only place Tom may find the answer is the darkest place of all.

My Thoughts

The book before this one, All Good Things, left me chomping at the bit for answers. This book let me get the answers right along with Tom, and it was an amazing ride. Tom was still himself... though he didn't know it. Being a reader and outside Tom's head, I had information that he clearly didn't, so I got to be a bit of a sleuth sorting things out myself as the book progressed. That was amazing fun. Walker threw in some twists that even I missed, but that's the sort of craftsmanship I've come to expect from him.

I laughed at Tom's flippancy, I cried at a certain moment (or got close to it), and I was immensely pleased as the narrative came to its crux and all was revealed. And even that revelation came in bits and pieces and was all the more satisfying because of it. Walker hit it out of the park with this one!

Would I Recommend This Book? Definitely. Walker has progressed amazingly as a writer from book 1 until now, and I cannot wait to see how much better the next book will be. There were some typos that became more frequent as the book progressed, more than I could forgive (but not so many to dispute reading). So as much as I want to give a perfect score for content, that fifth star eludes Walker again. A Tangled Web get a sweatsuit-wearing 4 of 5 stars (but my heart gives the 5th).

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