Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Review: Best Served Cold by John G. Walker

It's been two years since Tom Statford walked on Earth. Of course, it only felt like days to him, but the world he's returned to is drastically changed. The gods-- all the gods-- have fallen to the mortal realm, and now are just trying to get by. Somewhere among them are the parties responsible for the memories still so fresh in Tom's head: losing everything he held dear. Now, Tom is willing to do anything-- anything at all-- to get his revenge.
Even if that means throwing away everything connected to who he used to be.

That's my summary. Here's the one I pulled from amazon

In the seventh book of The Statford Chronicles, Tom Statford has escaped from an asylum run by a mad god. He has returned to a world where the gods have been brought down to earth, their powers no longer limitless. None of that matters for the moment as Tom searches out the one who took away his life and the woman he loved. It is pure and simple vengeance that drives Tom, though he will learn one stone truth. 

Revenge is a two-way street.

My Thoughts
I cannot gush over this book enough. Tom is back, and as a reader discovering the changed world with him, it's hard not to feel what he does. Reuniting with old friends is an emotional roller coaster that made my heart skip beats and caused me to hold my breath. Joy mixed with pain throughout this novel, and I was right with Tom for every step of it.
This book is the culmination of the previous novels, and it's clear that the whole game has changed from here on. As hard as it was, dealing with all the changes and the pain, I couldn't put the book down. I woke up early ON MY DAY OFF to read the last third of it, it was that driving. I almost can't even explain it properly. This is a journey you have to take with Tom, and frankly, you need to read the first six books to get into that place. Walker's work putting his readers into Tom's head really pays off here, and I couldn't be more on edge waiting for the next book.
Those of you who have followed my blog or podcast will know that I've been following John Walker's progress as a writer for a little while now. I've reviewed every one of the Statford Chronicles books, and I've been waiting for a 5-star review-worthy book to come along.
This is the one.

Would I Recommend This Book? Absotively! Walker has really come into his own as a writer, and this book is an amazing piece of evidence of how an artist grows into his craft. Chilling, insightful, and just plain out emotionally challenging, this is by far Walker's best work to date. I give Best Served Cold a well-deserved 5 of 5 stars!

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