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Book Review: Full Share by Nathan Lowell

Ishmael Wang has always been uncertain of what he wants to do with his adulthood, but now it's looking like he has no choices. Despite his great performance as a crewmember and his many qualifications, it would seem that the Lois McKendrick may be done with him. The corporation that owns the ship is replacing him with someone more experienced, and that means he's going to be left ashore at their next port. He has options, such as going to the Academy to learn to be an officer, but he hasn't made nearly enough money yet, and he's still not sure if a life in space is for him. The officers aboard the Lois seem to be up to something, though, so maybe Ish's future isn't so uncertain.
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When the home office adds a new crew member to the environmental section of the Lois McKendrick, Ishmael Wang faces being put ashore at the next port. Not even his multiple division ratings can save him as he refuses to bump one of his shipmates, which is the only way he can stay with his friends on his new found home in the Deep Dark. Ishmael’s predicament goes from bad to worse when an EMP damages the ship and threatens the lives of everyone on board. Gone are the days when his biggest challenge was making a good cup of coffee. Now he must use his wits, and rely on the ingenuity of his shipmates just to survive. Return with the crew of the SC Lois McKendrick, in what may prove to be their final voyage. All your favorites will be aboard including: Ish, Pip, Cookie, Brill, Diane, and Big Bad Bev.
Half Share picks up right after the previous novel, Half Share.  
My Thoughts
Full Share was another in a great series by an amazing author. I've been wholly intrigued with Ishmael since the beginning of this literary voyage, and this book was no exception. Tension runs high throughout the book as first one, then another issue crosses Ish's path. It's only made worse when it's clear there is nothing Ish can do to help himself but trust to luck. I was deliciously on edge for the entire novel, though I never got that out of breath sensation that some poorly-paced books have. Lowell kept me holding on for dear life, but never left me hanging so much I grew frustrated. This book was an artistic masterpiece in its complexity and how it toyed with my expectations. I cannot wait to see where Ish goes next!
Would I Recommend This Book? Indubitably! There's more at stake here than there has been ever before, and Lowell handles dishing it out beautifully. There are plenty of surprises for both Ish and the reader, and it left me wanting so much more. I give Full Share an educational 5 of 5 stars!
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